Drupal core JS team

Good news everyone, we have one!

It took a little while but I’m really happy to be able to say that there is a set of very good JS people around in the core issue queue. I know there are some out there in contrib but unfortunately very few show up in the core issue queue. We’re nice and we have cookies, don’t be afraid!

The short story is that back in february 2012, after writing JavaScript clean-up patches for a few months, webchick told me on IRC that she wouldn’t have a problem with me stepping up as JS maintainer, so I did. Lacking people to review JS patches I approached seutje on kristofvanroy’s recommendation. It was at DrupalCon Munich — 3am, at the bar — that I conned talked seutje into being co-maintainer. Thanks to him, patches were reviewed, more patches were written and I stopped being down about the lack of progress in JS.

Few months later, with new and fancy functionalities piling up in core — edit module, the new toolbar, wysiwyg — and given my lack of interest for Backbone I coerced asked nicely jessebeach to be maintainer with us since she appreciates the library and can walk the walk. We’re pretty much the three musketeers of core javascript. But we can’t be the three musketeers without the forth one: Wim Leers. Over time he’s been the one writing the most JS for core through his work on edit and wysiwyg.

I also want to give a shout out to droplet who’s been reminding us that europe an north america are not the only Drupal users while sending out really good patches. Thanks to SebCorbin for working on a major and very important architectural change. Of course thanks to: mfer, ksenzee, JohnAlbin, attiks, rupl, sdboyer, rteijeiro and everyone else working for a better JS in Drupal.