Core conversations track call for sessions

No special deadline for core conversations, be careful

DrupalCon Austin just wrapped up and if you want to discuss Drupal future in Amsterdam, it’s time to submit your core conversation session proposal. The topic for core conversations is Achieving sustainability. There are great proposals already but not enough to fill the whole track.

To expand a little on the topic of sustainability, Drupal is still the star of the show but the context in which it is developed takes more importance as Drupal codebase and our community grows. The most visible example is the need for funding. Big initiatives need it: Views in core, more recently Search API, Rules and core developers would like to rely on it. Funding is not the only topic we need to get a hard and overdue look at though. Here are the ones we would like to have discussions on:

  • Improving (website, testbot, issue queue process)
  • Funding core
  • Performance and tracking data overtime
  • Welcoming designers, UX professionals, and architects
  • Behat/Frontend testing
  • … and anything else you think is relevant!

This is a core conversation track, we can give ideas about what is important — and this is by no mean the whole list — but more than other tracks, it will be what you’ll make of it.

Also note that there is one big change for core conversations in Amsterdam, the deadline is not extended, June 13th midnight (Amsterdam time!) is the deadline to
submit your session proposal.