Class: VisualView

Drupal.contextualToolbar. VisualView

new Drupal.contextualToolbar.VisualView()

Renders the visual view of the edit mode toggle.

Listens to mouse & touch and handles edit mode toggle interactions.


  • Backbone.View


Events for the Backbone view.

Type Description
object A mapping of events to be used in the view.

Model change handler; persists the isViewing value to localStorage.

isViewing === true is the default, so only stores in localStorage when it's not the default value (i.e. false).

Name Type Description
model Drupal.contextualToolbar.StateModel

A Drupal.contextualToolbar.StateModel model.

isViewing bool

The value of the isViewing attribute in the model.

Type Description
Drupal.contextualToolbar.VisualView The current contextual toolbar visual view.