Class: field

Drupal.fieldUIDisplayOverview. field

new Drupal.fieldUIDisplayOverview.field(row, data){Drupal.fieldUIDisplayOverview.field}

Constructor for a 'field' row handler.

This handler is used for both fields and 'extra fields' rows.

Name Type Description
row HTMLTableRowElement

The row DOM element.

data object

Additional data to be populated in the constructed object.

Type Description
Drupal.fieldUIDisplayOverview.field The field row handler constructed.



Returns the region corresponding to the current form values of the row.

Type Description
string Either 'hidden' or 'content'.


Reacts to a row being changed regions.

This function is called when the row is moved to a different region, as a result of either :

  • a drag-and-drop action (the row's form elements then probably need to be updated accordingly)
  • user input in one of the form elements watched by the Drupal.fieldUIOverview.onChange change listener.
Name Type Description
region string

The name of the new region for the row.

Type Description
object A hash object indicating which rows should be Ajax-updated as a result of the change, in the format expected by Drupal.fieldUIOverview.AJAXRefreshRows.