Namespace: fieldUIOverview

Drupal. fieldUIOverview

Namespace for the field UI overview.



Triggers Ajax refresh of selected rows.

The 'format type' selects can trigger a series of changes in child rows. The #ajax behavior is therefore not attached directly to the selects, but triggered manually through a hidden #ajax 'Refresh' button.

Name Type Description
rows object

A hash object, whose keys are the names of the rows to refresh (they will receive the 'ajax-new-content' effect on the server side), and whose values are the DOM element in the row that should get an Ajax throbber.

staticDrupal.fieldUIOverview.attach(table, rowsData, rowHandlers)

Attaches the fieldUIOverview behavior.

Name Type Description
table HTMLTableElement

The table element for the overview.

rowsData object

The data of the rows in the table.

rowHandlers object

Handlers to be added to the rows.


Event handler to be attached to form inputs triggering a region change.


Lets row handlers react when a row is dropped into a new region.


Refreshes placeholder rows in empty regions while a row is being dragged.

Copied from block.js.

Name Type Description
draggedRow HTMLElement

The tableDrag rowObject for the row being dragged.