Class: ContextualLinkView

Drupal.quickedit. ContextualLinkView

new Drupal.quickedit.ContextualLinkView(options)

Create a new contextual link view.

Name Type Description
options object

An object with the following keys:

Name Type Description
model Drupal.quickedit.EntityModel

The associated entity's model.

appModel Drupal.quickedit.AppModel

The application state model.

strings object

The strings for the "Quick edit" link.


  • Backbone.View


Define all events to listen to.

Type Description
object A map of events.

Render function for the contextual link view.

Name Type Description
entityModel Drupal.quickedit.EntityModel

The associated EntityModel.

isActive bool

Whether the in-place editor is active or not.

Type Description
Drupal.quickedit.ContextualLinkView The ContextualLinkView in question.